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Raleigh Safety Seven

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Q: What company produced the three wheeler driven by Seymour Utterthwaite in First of the Summer Wine?
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What did Dr Schuyler Wheeler do with his life?

Have you ever sat and wondered when the first electrical fan was was made, and/or who made it? Well if those questions have popped up in your mind I can help answer them! All you have to do is read this biography.The first electrical fan was invented by a wise man by the name of Schulyer Wheeler. Schulyer Wheeler was born on May 17, 1860 but, he then sadly died on April 20, 1923. The fan he invented was the two- bladed electrical fan. He made this invention in 1882 at the age of 22. Mr. Wheeler's profession was an "American Engineer" he was president of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers from 1905 to 1906. Schulyer Wheeler was awarded the "John Scott Medal" of "The Franklin Institute."Schulyer Wheeler was born in Massachusetts. His electric fan was produced by "Crocker and Curtis Electric Motor Company." Doctor Wheeler was educated at Columbia College, and was awarded the honorary degree of doctor of science by Hobart College in 1894. Schulyer Wheeler married a woman by the name of Roxy Stanclift. She was born on was born January 15, 1800, died February 28, 1825 or 1826. When she died Schulyer married another woman. Her name was Amanda Allen. He had a one daughter and two sons. They were the kids of Roxy and not Amanda. His daughters name is Samantha Wheeler she was the oldest. Then his second older son's name was Olive Wheeler. His youngest child was Robet Wheeler.

Where was Schuyler Wheeler born?

Schuyler Wheeler was born in Massachusetts, USA.

How tall is Jacquetta Wheeler?

Jacquetta Wheeler is 6' 2".

When was Damen Wheeler born?

Damen Wheeler was born in 1977.

When was Sanford Wheeler born?

Sanford Wheeler was born in 1970.

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