What company made ice age?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Blue Sky Studios .

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Q: What company made ice age?
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What movie had the character Sloth?

ice age ice age

The tagline Ice Age Is Coming comes from which 2002 movie?

Ice Age

What movie did the phrase stranger danger come from?

i think it came from the movie ice age

How many ice age movies are there?

Ice Age Ice Age 2: The Meltdown Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Ice Age 4(Hopefully):Th4w, coming out 2012. I'm a little depressed with what they are thinking of as a plot right now, but so far, whats been going around is that Manny, Diego, Sid, Scrat, the possums,peaches and (maybe....a BIG maybe...)Buck &Scratte. My personal favorite character out of all the movies is Buck by a long shot, and I think people would get mad if he is taken out.Basically the plot is that the gang find themselves frozen in a museum, in present day, and when they are unfrozen they escape. I think they are thinking of making Peaches tie in with a recent event, which was a baby mammoth was found on an island somewhere. I personally am not fond of what they are doing unless they keep all the characters..(and maybe bring in some new characers too?...questions have been raised about a girl weasel for Buck...) Which, honestly, probably won't happen....knowing big corporations..but, we can always hope =) Hey! If you want to read plot with everyone unculding Buck go to type in ice age 3 buck then go to BUCK-Facebook. Go to my profile read MY PLOT The Ice Age saga: Return of the Dinosaurs. *And Buck's former girlfriend Vanessa's in it and Sid finds love too* LOL. MY PLOT IS FUNNY. New Characters? Victor Terrance Vanessa Penny etc. lol. And Peaches is in it too. And Crash's "I BELEIVE I CAN FLLYYY!!" Come back.. DO READ Tell ppl! *My profile name is Kimberly Kerr* with a PIC of Esther from the movie Orphan... :D Now it's Miranda Cosgrove!

What are codes to ice age?

Matrix Code

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Was the river thames made in the ice age?

No, but the Ice Age altered its course.

Will there be a ice age 3?

They already made it! In 2012 they are gonna make an Ice Age 4!

Did the ice age come before the earth was made?

No. If there wasn't an Earth, there wouldn't be anywhere for there to be an ice age.

Is the ice age part of the three age system?

No, the Ice Age is not a part of the three age system as the three age system adheres to man-made developments in the world. The Ice Age was an environmental development.

What were most of the islands made by?


When were trees made?

Due to the ice age

What made the beginning of the new stone age?

at the beginning of the ice age.

When is the next ice age movie?

It depends when this question was made. The current ice age movie is number 4.

When was the ice age trail made?

It was made during the stone ages.

How do you know if their got a tic?

well i didn't still think that they might bring another ice age movie but i think as they made ice age 3 quickly they might bring ice age 4

How do you know if you got a tic?

well i didn't still think that they might bring another ice age movie but i think as they made ice age 3 quickly they might bring ice age 4

What did neanderthals wear during the ice age?

During the Ice Age, Neanderthals wore clothes made from animal skin. They couldn't walk around naked because they lived in the Ice Age, which was very, VERY cold.