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Q: What company did halsey minor and shelby bonnie create?
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Who founded the CNET website?

Halsey Minor and Shelby Bonnie.

In what year was CNET founded?

The tech media website known as CNET was founded in 1994 by Shelby Bonnie and Halsey Minor. In addition to the website, CNET also originally provided radio and television content.

Who started the Shelby car company?

carroll shelby

When did Shelby Iron Company Railroad end?

Shelby Iron Company Railroad ended in 1892.

When was Shelby Iron Company Railroad created?

Shelby Iron Company Railroad was created in 1865.

What is the parent comany of Shelby Super Cars?

Shelby SuperCars doesn't have a parent company. They are a private company owned by Jerod Shelby with no relation to Carrol Shelby of Mustang fame. Shelby SuperCars is a new supercar manufacturer based in Washington state.

Who built the 1966 shelby mustang?

First produced by Ford, then sent to Shelby Motor company to be "upgraded". Carol Shelby is credited for making the Shelby Mustang.

What company owned the mustang?

Ford Company made them

What car company made the shelby?

ford did.=)

Where was the longest burning light bulb invented?

Shelby Ohio, by the Shelby Electric Company in 1900-1901

Does ford own shelby?

No they are two separate company's.

Is Mustang Shelby Cobra a Ford Company car?

yes it is.