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Q: What commercial had the lyric 'What do you want when you got to have something'?
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Does anyone know who sings the song played on the commercial which has the lyric I've got to get out of this place?

it isn't a song it was written for the commercial .

Who sings the disco song with the lyric got it in the pocket got in the pocket?


What is the name of the song in the Michalob ultra commercial saying you want more?

The song in the Michelob Ultra commercial is called "I Want More" by Kaleena Zanders.

Is the Taylor Swift song Blank Space about a Starbucks lover?

No. The lyric "I've got a long list of ex-lovers" does sound very much like "I've got a lot of Starbucks lovers," but that is not the correct lyric.

What is the name of the song featured in the Maria Menuenos shampoo commercial?

It's Nikka Costa, "Everybody Got Their Something".

What is the song in the car commercial for the NBA finals 2010 It goes something like You got to go You got to go?

Its called "Light of the Morning" by the Band of Skulls

What song contains the lyrics 'Boy you should know that I got you on my mind'?

AnswerMy Boo- Ghost Town Dj's

What aerosmith song has the lyric the rabbit done died?

It means you got a woman pregnant

Who sings the song that goes you got swag you got spunk you got something all the girls want?

Nicki minaj - your love

What song is being played on a new Ford car commercial that says I want to see you in the morning I want to see you in the light of day you got to go you got to go?

Light Of The Morning by Band Of Skulls

What is the Name of song with lyric - you know you've got it if it makes you feel good?

Piece of my heart.

All I got is a photograph?

"All I got is a photograph" is a lyric from the rock group Def Leppard's hit song "Photograph" from their 1983 album Pyromania.