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It's purple!

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Q: What colour wig does Hannah Montana wear?
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Why does Hannah wear a blond wig?

because she is pretending to be Hannah Montana

Is there a Hannah Montana that doesn't wear a wig?

absolutely not

What color hair is Hannah Montana real hair?

Hannah Montana's real colour hair is brown. It's just that when she's doing her movie, she wears a wig so she is blonde. She only wears that stupid blond wig when she was acting Hannah Montana!!! but in real life she wont wear that wig.... it will make her ugly and itchy

Does Hannah Montana wear a wig ever day yes or no?


Why does Hannah Montana where a wig?

Miley Cyrus is Hannah Montana and it wasn't her idea to have a wig on but she got the part as Hannah Montana there for Disney thought she sould have a wig on to hide her identate that's why she wears a wig

Bollywood who wear wigs?

Any actor in Bollywood movies will wear a wig if they have to perform a specific character which required a wig.

What is lily's wig color when she is with Hannah Montana?

she changes her wig colour all the time from, white blonde, blue, red, pink, purple ect

Why Hannah Montanah have a wig on?

Really Hannah Montana is Miley Cyrus in a wig She wears the wig as a disguise on the show

Does Miley Cyrus has a wig?

Only for Hannah Montana, which she has now finished. She may wear hair extentions

Did Hannah Montana give something away from her?

i think she should give it to me i love hannah montana i like the wig she wore in hannah montana forever and the one she wore on hannah montana the movie .

Who is Hannah montena?

Hannah Montana is not real. She is played by Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus puts on a wig and "Pretends" to be Hannah Montana!! XD

Is 'Hannah Montana's' wig made out of real hair?

yes, it is