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pink no i am joking i thik very light brown

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Q: What colour is Niall Horans bedroom?
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What is Niall Horans fav colour?

1st Blue 2nd Green

What is naill horans favourite color?

Niall Horan's favrouite colour is GREENGREEN! (:

What is Niall horans favorite color?

His favorite color is is green i think

How old is Niall Horans brother?

Niall Horans brother is 23...

What is Niall horans parents names?

Niall Horans parents are called Maura and Bobby

What is Niall Horans ooVoo?

Is it Niall horan

What is Niall Horans middle name?

Niall James HoranNiall Horans middle name is James just like Liams

Is niall horans favorite colour dark blue or light blue?

Sorta, He likes the basic blue and basic green.

What is niall's horans full name?

Niall James Horan

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What is Niall horans background?


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