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Sort of a light green color

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Q: What color is SpongeBob holes?
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How many holes are in SpongeBob?

50 Holes !(:iiLove SpongeBob SquareePants !lmao ahah

How many holes does SpongeBob SquarePants have on his body?

SpongeBob has 29 holes with his pants on, 40 holes with his pants off.

Is SpongeBob green?

no, spongebob is a yellow sponge with absorbent holes

Does SpongeBob have 14 holes?

spongebob mabye have 14 because they probley change the amout of holes but my answer is mabye not true

What are the number of holes in SpongeBob?

27... I have a larger-than-life SpongeBob plush toy and I counted all the holes.

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How many holes are in the front of SpongeBob face?


What color is SpongeBob's tie?

Spongebob's tie is red (-:

What color will SpongeBob and sandy wedding be?

SpongeBob and Sandy aren't getting married

What is the real color of SpongeBob?


What color are SpongeBob's wholes?


What color is SpongeBob sqarepants?