What color is Barney?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Barney is purple and green. The shade changed from the first season, but he's always been purple and green. He is mostly purple with a green tummy and green spots.

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Q: What color is Barney?
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What color was the first Barney?

Barney has been the same color and costume for whatever amount of time it has been showing.

What color do you mix to get the color of Barney?

mix red and blue

What color were Barney Pot?

Lol orange

What color is TV's Barney the dinosaur?


What color depends on which color?

Youcan look up "barney color song" on and youll see

What are the color of Barney the dinosaur toenail?

He has whitish yellowish toenails.

What color were Barney Pot's leggings?

They were red.

What color were Barney Pot's leggings of


Is Barney really a dark purple color?

Yes but he is also green

What hexadecimal color is Barney?

No way to know for sure but... This should work: 9a1870

What color is Barny?

BARNEY the dinosaur is purple and green.

Can you explain more about purple?

purple is a violet mixture with blue and red and it is the color of barney the dionasaur