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James is blue and oliver's is red

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I have not had the oppurtiunity to look deeply into Oliver's eyes but I have spent many hours looking into James' eyes. While they are basiclly understood to be brown eyes they are not truly brown.

In truth they are a hazel (meaning many or mulitpul shades). The center is a rich deep brown that fades slowly into a gold as it spreads out, fading once again into a beautiful green that streaks out like a morning sunrise. Finally ending in a ring of teal on the outer edge of the iris.

In short, perfect.

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Their natural hair colour is dark brown.

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Q: What color are Oliver and James Phelps eyes?
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James Phelps (and his twin brother Oliver) has browncoloured eyes.

Are James and oliver phelps related to Michael Phelps?

How To Tell James and Oliver apart:Face:Oliver has a longer face than James, and his jaw is set differently then James'. James's face is a little rounder, and Oliver's a little skinnier.Scars:James has a scar on his left eyebrow.Moles:Oliver has a mole on the right side of his neck.Eyes:Oliver's eyes are a bit more slanted than James'. James' eyes are not necessarily bigger, but wider. James has deeper eyes than Oliver. Oliver's eyes slant down towards the outside corners a lot more than James' do. Also: Oliver is fabulous at winking!Nose:Oliver has a bump to his nose, whereas James doesn't. Oliver's is longer and curved, whereas James has a shorter out-curved nose.Mouth/lips/smile:Oliver's' smile has a curve on the top left and right part of the upper lip. Oliver's smile is kind of crooked. Oliver's top lip is curved while James' is straight.

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