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Green when he is human but gold as a vampire.

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2009-06-15 16:13:34
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Q: What color are Edward Cullens human eyes?
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What color is Edward Cullens eyes after he drinks blood?

after animal blood his eyes are golden butterscotch like color but after human, like any other vampire, they become red tinged. The more human blood he drinks the redder his eyes will become.

What color are Edwards human eyes?

Edward's human eyes are green

What color are Edward Cullens eyes when he is not hungry?

Because he is a 'vegetarian' vampire, they would be a golden brown.

What were Edward Cullen's eye color when he was human?

Edward Cullen's human eyes were green.

What color were edward's eyes when he was human in twilight?


What color eyes did Edward Cullen have when he was human?


What color does Edward Cullens eyes go when they change for a reason and what reason is that?

hello fan of twilight! I dont understand your question please explain it to me and I will have a answer asap. Heyy! Edward Cullens eyes are Topaz (Golden Brown) and they get darker and blacker the thirstier he gets

What color was Edward Cullen eyes are?

If Edward is thirsty, his eyes turn black and he has these dark shades under his eyes. If Edward is 'full', his eyes turn butterscotch color. But, if a vampire drinks human blood, his or her eyes turn red. Usually, Edward's eyes are topaz color, described by Bella.

What was Edward Cullen's eye color when was a human at the time?

Edward's eyes were green,when he was human. They were the same color as his mothers eyes, Elizabeth Mason. His eyes are now a liquid golden topaz, but a deep black when he is 'thirsty'.

Why does Edward Cullens eyes change from one color to the next?

when they feed on animal blood there eyes change to a butter-scotch colour. when they haven't eat in a while they go black.

What colors do edward collen's eyes change to?

edward cullens eyes change like the rest of the vampires if they drink the blood of an animal it will be a bronze or amber color if they drink blood from a person it will be a red and if they are hungry it will be black or when they get mad i guess

What color are the Cullens eyes when they are thirsty?

They are black when they are thirsty and crabby but, they can also be a topaz color.

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