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Lanford, was a made up town for tv

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third and Delaware

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Delaware (corner of Delaware and Third)

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Delaware St

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Q: What city was roseanne conner living?
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On Roseanne the Conner family won the lottery?


What is the name of darlenes baby on roseanne?

Harris Conner-Healy

What character did Sarah Chalke briefly filled in on Roseanne?

Becky Conner the eldest child

Does Roseanne Barr have a sister?

Yes She has a sister and a brother: Geraldine and Ben

What were the cast names on Rosanne show?

Dan Conner played by John Goodman Roseanne Conner played be Roseanne Barr Jackie Harris (real name Majorie) played be Laurie Metcalf Rebecca "Becky" Conner (Later Healy) - Played by Lecy Goranson and Sarah Chalke Darlene Conner (Later Healy) - Played by Sara Gilbert David Jacob "DJ" Conner - Michael Fishman There were several other recurring characters, but none were featured as prominently as those mentioned above.

How many episodes of Roseanne were made?

only john goodman has played dan conner on rosanne

What happen to the baby roseanne had on the roseanne show?

Roseanne's own son played the part of her baby Jerry Garcia nope-- an actor by the name of Cole Roberts played the role of Jerry Garcia Conner. Check the credits.

Why did original DJ conner not stay on roseanne?

Because apparently there were issues with him and Sarah Gilbert so his mother withdrew him from the show then.

Did Dan Conner on Roseanne have siblings?

I believe just "Little" Ed and Angela, the children that were born on the show to Dan's father's second wife, Crystal.

Is Sandra day o conner still living?

Yes, she is living but unfortunately, her husband is not.

What city did roseanne connor live in?

Lanford, Illinois

Where is Bart Conner's School of Gymnastics located?

I believe it is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. (It is called Bart Conner's Gymnastics Academy).