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crazy mama, whip it, stand by me,

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Q: What child movies was the song lollipop used in?
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What product ads used the song lollipop lollipop?

The song is used in the ads for the Dell Laptop.Yourwelcome

What is the song used in the Verizon Dell laptop commercial?

I think it's "lollipop", lollipop. lollipop, oh lolly,lolly lolly, lollipop, lollipop, "POP", by the Chordettes in 1958

What is the name of the song used in the 2010 Dell commercial?

Lollipop by Chordettes, if you want their full version, let me know.

Is the song Winter Song by Sara Bareilles used in any movies?


what movies have used the song amazing grace?


What is the lyrics to the dell lollipop song?

Lollipop Lollipop oh Lolli Lolli Lolli Lollipop (Ba-um boom boom)Call my baby Lollipop, tell you why, her kiss is sweeter than a cherry pieand when she does a shaky rockin' danceman i haven't got a chanceI call her Lollipop Lollipop oh Lolly Lolly Lolly Lollipop (Ba-um boom boom)Sweeter than candy on a stick, huckleberry, chimry or a limeif you had a choice she'd be your pick, but the lollipop is miiiiiinLollipop Lollipop oh Lolli Lolli Lolli Lollipop (Ba-um boom boom)Crazy when she thrills me, tell you why, just like a lightning from the sky,she likes to kiss me till I can't see straight, Gee my lollipop is greatI call her Lollipop Lollipop oh Lolli Lolli Lolli LollipopBum bum bum bum bum!

Was the song bloodletting used in any movies?

Yes. A lot.

Was the song Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter in any movies or commercials?

No, there is no mention of the song "Strawberry Wine" being used in any commercials or movies.

What movies used the song if you leave me now?

A Lot Like Love

What movies used the Baha Men's hit song Who let the dogs out?

Shrek and...................

What is that Latin prayer song used in movies?

It's called o fortuna

What is the name of song used in asli hd ad by star movies?