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A creative director needs to understand a client's needs or plan, and then translate those into design ideas. The creative director needs initiative, creative thinking, and the ability to work with lots of people. He or she also needs to have a good grasp of the technicalities of lots of fields.

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Q: What characteristics would a creative director have?
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What is the difference between Creative director vs Associate creative director?

Associate Creative Director, or Deputy Creative Director, is a Creative Director's best mate. While a Creative Director is seen as a strategic decision-maker in regards to creative materials and how these materials suffice a client's tasks, an ACD takes care of more tactical matters, keeping an eye on the creative process inside a Creative Department, making sure the result matches the strategic vision of a CD.

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The salary for a creative director is one jacket button every 5 years

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that as a Art Director

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No. Artistic Director falls under Creative Team. No. Artistic Director falls under Creative Team.

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