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Q: What character traits would a detective need in order to solve a mystery?
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What is a character who provides a contrast of another character with 5 letters?

Foil. A foil is a character who contrasts with another character, usually the protagonist, in order to highlight certain qualities or traits of the main character.

Who plays Bobby from Law Order Criminal Intent?

Actor Vincent D'Onofrio played Detective Robert Goren (Bobby) on Law and Order CI.

Who's the mystery character in sonic rivals greatest hits?

The mystery character in Sonic Rivals is Metal Sonic. To win him, you have to beat the game once with every character. Doesn't matter which order. You can also win Super Sonic. but that is Xtremely hard. U have to get a S grade in every level, and every zone.

What character traits and experience might a person need in order to be a good president?


Who killed lord sinclair in runescape murder mystery?

The murderer in the Murder Mystery quest is actually varies per character. In order to find out who the murderer is, you must collect the evidence and find out who did it yourself. Good luck!

What was the name or Benjamin Bratt's character on Law and Order?

Benjamin Bratt played Detective Rey Curtis on 95 episodes of the original Law and Order series and three episodes of Homicide: Life on the Streets.

What are the difference between foil and antagonist?

A foil is a character who contrasts with another character in order to highlight particular qualities of that character, while an antagonist is a character or force that opposes the protagonist in a story. Foils help to accentuate traits in another character, while antagonists create conflict and obstacles for the protagonist to overcome.

What are some whale inherited traits?

Traits can not be inherited in reverse order. Traits can be inherited FROM the parents

What determine the traits of an organism in DNA?

The order of the bases determines the genetic traits.

Who is the detective on Law and Order CI Vanishing Act?

The detectives in the Law and Order CI "Vanishing Act" episode are Detective Robert Goren and Detective Alexandra Eames, supervised by Captain Danny Ross.

Is Detective Stabler from Law and Order Special Victims Unit a real person?

No, he is an actor portraying a detective.

Did Dean Winters play on Law and Order SVU as an officer with the last name of Cassidy?

Yes, Dean Winters played Detective Brian Cassidy in 13 episodes of 'Law and Order: SVU'. Other series related to the 'Law and Order' series that he played are:the character 'Mike Stoat' in 1 episode of 'Law and Order: CI'the character 'Ryan O'Reily' in 56 episodes of 'Oz'.the character 'Tom Marans' in 3 episodes of 'Homicide: Life on the Street'.More than ten years after his final appearance on SVU, he again portrayed Detective Brian Cassidy in the 13th season finale "Rhodium Nights", became a recurring character in the 14th season and, in the 15th season, also became Sergeant Olivia Benson's love interest. In 2015, he left to star in the short-lived series "Battle Creek" on CBS.