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The begining of part two of the book.

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Q: What chapter does katniss go for the cornucopia?
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Who told Katniss not to go to the Cornucopia at the beginning of the games?

Haymitch told Katniss not to go to the Cornucopia at the beginning of the Games.

What does Katniss take from the cornucopia?

She takes a red backpack, a rope, and corn from the cornucopia.

What stops katniss from running to the cornucopia?

Peeta stops her

What does katniss get at the cornucopia in The Hunger Games?

The orange backpack

When did Katniss receive the sleeping syrup?

Katniss received the sleeping syrup when Peeta and her were in the cave, and she needed to go get a bag of much needed stuff from the cornucopia.

Why did the tributes go back to the Cornucopia?

They go back for what is called a Feast. Occasionally, to make the games more interesting, the game makers will put something each contestant desperately needs inside the cornucopia and they all can go and get it, usually resulting in a large fight.

How Gloss die in the Hunger Games?

Katniss shoots him at the Cornucopia

What is the first thing katniss looks for after running from the cornucopia?


What is the cornucopia in chapter 11 of The Hunger Games?

The cornucopia is basically a big horn. When the tributes enter the arena, their platforms surround the Cornucopia which holds supplies to aid the tributes in their survival. It is also used as shelter and protection by some, a hiding place by Foxface, and a safety zone by Katniss, Peeta and Cato.

What does katniss see in the cornucopia that she feels is meant for her?

the silver bow and arrow

Who tries to kill Katniss first?

The first person to try to kill Katniss was clove at the cornucopia. She threw a knife at her.

What is the point of the feast and why does Katniss want to go?

The feast at the Cornucopia, while dangerous, could supply each team district with a much needed supply. At the Cornucopia, there was a backpack with each remaining district number on it. In District 12's was the medicine needed to heal Peeta's leg, which is why Katniss wanted to go to the Feast.

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