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channel 9,saturday

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Q: What channel is winx club on dish and what days does it show?
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What channel in dish does paranormal show?

You can try the chiller channel

What channel is Lazytown on dish?

The show Lazytown, can be found on the V me channel found on channel 846.

What channel is nick Jr on Dish?

On dish network you can find nick jr on channel 169 and it will show up like this on the side: NKJR

What channel does family fued come on dish in nc?

If you have DISH Network you can find Family Feud on The Game Show Network on channel 116.

What is the channel for game show network on dish network?


What channel on the Dish Network shows the Jeff Dunham show?

Channel 107 on Comedy Central

What channel on dish is meet the kardaishins?

If you are referring to or mean the show, "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," that show is on E! which can be found on channel 114.

What channel is the Anderson show on dish network?

If you are talking about the Anderson LIVE show, it is on in limited markets on local channels - Dish has nothing to do with this, it is between your local channels and the Anderson show. Local channels are usually located on channel 3 - 50. You can also search for the show using the "#" or search key on your Dish remote.

What channel is the Games Show Network in Rochester NY?

On Dish Network satellite TV, the Game show network (GSN) is on channel 116.

What channel is the show the voice on dish is on?

ok well i have dish network and it is on channel 2 on kp sumthin i watch it every nite FROM 7-9 HOPE THIS HELPED

What channel do they show the Broadway cast in 13 if you have the channel dish network with Adriana Grande?

I really don't know

What channel on the dish networks shows 20 20?

20/20 TV show is on your local ABC channel.