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People on mock the week include, Dara O'Brian, Hugh Dennis, Russel Howard and Andy Parsons. These comedians are permanent panelests who are appear on the show every seires. Frankie Boyle, was also a 'Permanent Panelest' but he has now been confirmed to have left the show, in the seventh seires. Also on the show appear other panelests, who appear only a few times. Regulars include David Mitchell and Micheal Machentyre.

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NEW episodes are on Thursday at 8:00 on thursdays but are on almost every night on Dave

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Q: What channel is mock the week on?
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What is the duration of Mock the Week?

The duration of Mock the Week is 1800.0 seconds.

When was Mock the Week created?

Mock the Week was created on 2005-06-05.

What is the name of the Mock the - topical game show?

Mock The Week is a topical game show.

Has Frankie Boyle quit Mock The Week?

Boyle has pulled out of Mock The Week for good, just 10 days after suffering a heart murmur.

Who presents Mock the Week?

Dara O'Briain.

Who is quizmaster on mock the week?

Dara O'Briain

Who hosts Mock The Week?

Dara O'Briain

When did Russell howard start Mock the week?

Russell Howard started being a regular panellist on Mock the Week in Series 4 of the popular satirical comedy program.

What is the song on the advertisement for 'Mock the Week'?

News of The World - The Jam

Who is the host of Mock the Week?

The host of Mock of the Week is Dara O Briain. the game conisist of two teams of three players each and contestants are from a celebrity panel. The game originated in Britain.

How good is mock the week?

Mostly peurile rubbish with the odd gem.

When was Mock the Week first aired?

Mock the Week was first aired on June 5 2005 on BBC Two and 82 other episodes have been shown since the n over 9 series'.