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you could name it any thing you want but here are some ideas!








rocky (my known name)



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Q: What can you name a Webkinz Brown Dog?
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What to name your webkinz brown dog?

Coca, Mocha, or a simple name like Max! brownie or lovely

Where can you buy a webkinz brown cheeky dog?

i have purchased recently a webkinz brown cheeky dog and cat lot on sweet be's for 12

What store can you find a brown dog webkinz?

You can find a brown dog Webkinz at Dottie's den! Its a great store!!! Their Webkinz are only $10!! They have every Webkinz there is!!! They even always have the pet of the month Webkinz... and its sometimes its on sale...shhhhh..!They have clothes for them & lots more!!!

Is there a brown dog webkinz coming out?

ummm it already came out :)

What is the best name for a webkinz brown dog?

Brownie, Cookie, Cookiedough, Coco, Coca, Java, Hotcoca, Chocolate, and Hersey.

What Webkinz are the hardest to find?

the most hard to find webkinz is the cheeky dog or cat and whimsy dragon The Brown Cheeky Dog, it was the first retired webkinz ever. And the Cheeky cat. add me on webkinz Hiphopheaven

What is cuter the love frog or the brown dog on Webkinz?

I think the brown dog is because it is a good pet and it is not fake like the love frog.

What should you name your Webkinz?

if its a rabbit id go with fluffy and if its a brown dog id name it chocolate and a monkey bannans you should so na me a love puppy lovvveeeyyy

What is a Webkinz weiner dog?

A "weiner dog" is a dachshund, so a Webkinz winer dog is the Webkinz dachschund.

What was the name of Charlie Brown's dog?

Charlie Brown is not a dog. Charlie Brown is the owner of Snoopy, who is supposed to be a beagle.

What is a good name for a webkinz brown Arabian horse?

for a boy: Aladdin for a girl: Jasmine

How many brown cheeky dog webkinz were made?

Well there like 1,000 but there are only like 40 with unused tags