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Q: What british monk promoted salvation by works?
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What does the monk think of Augustine's rule which requires that monastic clergy work with their hands at manual labor?

"Without humility, without the ability to publicly acknowledge your sins and your own human frailty, you cannot attain salvation nor proclaim Christ, nor pretend to be his witness." Every monk knows this and every Christian ought to know it, because without it, there is no salvation. Every monk has up to ten years to make a final decision before he makes solemn, lifelong vows that forever bind him, on this earth, to his monastic rule. Please note that most monks are Benedictines, and St. Benedict also requires all his monks to work. In other words, a monk would willing accept this rule BEFORE he became a monk - or he would not have become a monk. A monk accepts the entire rule, in humility, and sees it as his way to salvation.

Who told the truth about 1066?

no-one knows exactly but there was 2 monks who wrote the truth a British monk and a Normandy monk .

When was Allan Monk born?

Allan Monk was born on August 19, 1942, in Mission, near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Who was the founder of the Lutheran church?

The founder of the Lutheran Church was Martin Luther, a German theologian and monk. He is credited with sparking the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century by challenging the teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic Church. Through his writings and teachings, Luther promoted ideas such as salvation through faith alone and the authority of scripture.

What conclusion did Luther make after studying the Bible?

Luther made many conclusions, but arguably the most notable was his conclusion that Salvation is attained by faith through Grace alone, not by good works. This was in complete contrast to what he had learnt as a Catholic monk, and it formed the main basis for the movement later known as the Reformation.

Was Gandhi a monk?

No, Gandhi was not a monk. He was a prominent political and spiritual leader in India who advocated for nonviolent resistance against British colonial rule. While he lived a simple and ascetic lifestyle, he was not formally ordained as a monk.

Monks live in a?

Answer 1: a monk lives ad works in a monastryAnswer 2: The first answerer meant, "a monk lives and works in a monastery."In another Wiki Answer, I've written, extensively, about the lives of monks and friars. I've put a link to it down in the "related questions" section, below.

Who is a British monk whose name starts with letter S?

Samson of Dol AKA Saint Samson

What sentence can you write with monk?

The monk was smart and funny. The monk is nice The monk lives in the mountain

What is a feminine monk?

The opposite gender of a monk is a nun.

Is monk a masculine or feminine?

A Monk is the masculine, and the Nun is the feminine of Monk.

Is Meredith Monk related to Thelonious Monk?

Monk knows.