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We are nowhere and it's now

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Q: What bright eyes song is in knocked up?
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What is the name of the song playing in Knocked Up when Seth Rogen is moving out of his friends' house?

Bright Eyes - We are nowhere and it's now Love that song - love the movie!

Who sang get knocked down?

I looked it up for you. If it is the song I am thinking of (I get knocked down, but I get up again....), the song was called Tubthumping and the band was Chumbawamba.

What is red eyes?

watch knocked up.. it will explain it all

Who sings the song swing on the knocked up soundtrack?


Who sings the song daughter in the movie knocked up?

Louden Wainwright

What in the name of the second song playing in knocked up in the bar?

if you look up knocked up sound track at yahoo it will show you sites that have all the songs listed in the movie an some sites will have small audibles they play clips of each song so that way you can find what song you are talking about

How many times do they sat 'i get knocked down but i get up again you never ganna keep me down' in the song i get knocked down?

28 or 29 times

Song In Knocked Up The one where Ben and Allison are Doing It The song that plays when they are doing it doggy style?

swing savage

What song has the lyrics I got knocked down but I'll get up again are you ever going to keep me down?

That's Chumbawamba from album Tubthumber with Tubthumping (I get knocked down).actual lyrics:I get knocked downBut I get up againYou're never going to keep me down

What is the name of rap song from knocked up when they're dancing in the bar?

The song playing at the bar in the beginning of "Knocked Up" is called "Swing" by Savage.

What is the name of the song in the movie knocked up when they are playing ping pong?

king without a crown. by matisyahu

What was the song from the movie knocked up when Katherine heigl was in the tub going into labor?

once you had gold - by Enya...