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Rayban aviators and also Versace

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Q: What brand of sun glasses charan wear in movie orange?
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What is ram charan third movie?


What movie and television projects has Ram Charan been in?

Ram Charan has: Played Charan in "Chirutha" in 2007. Played Ram in "Orange" in 2010. Performed in "Merupu" in 2011. Played Raj in "Rachcha" in 2012. Played Inspector Vijay Khanna in "Zanjeer" in 2013. Played Naayak, Cherry in "Naayak" in 2013. Performed in "Yevadu" in 2014.

What model and brand lab glasses does will smith wear in the movie I are legend?

I believe that they are Burberry BE1154 Eyeglasses.

What glasses did Robert De Niro wear in the movie Limitless?

I've added a link to a photo of De Niro wearing the glasses in Limitless. Does anyone know the brand?

Did ram charan act in vedam?

No. Allu Arjun and Manoj acted in the movie.

What brand of sunglasses does Scott Summers wear in X-Men the movie?

Not sure about the brand, but the style of the glasses are Aviator style.

What is a 3d movie?

A movie that requires glasses and with the glasses the movie is supposed to look like some characters and actions are right in front of you.

Can you see the movie avatar without the glasses?

i think we can see the movie without the 3d glasses. but unfortunately u cannot see the 3d effect without the glasses and the movie seems normal.

What 3D glasses are used for 'Avatar' the movie?

Depending on the theater, the glasses will most likely be polarized 3D glasses or shutter glasses.

What is the brand name and model number of the eye glasses worn by Robert Redford in the movie Spy Game worn by him in his CIA headquarters office?

The brand is Olive Peoples. The model is "The Riley." They are in the olive tortoise color. (source: I own a pair)

Can i use the 3D glasses from movie theaters for my 3D TV?

For any passive 3D television, the 3D glasses from movie theaters will work.

Will your Panasonic 3d glasses work at movie theater?

Most likely not. The glasses provided at the movie theater are specially designed for the theater only.