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Q: What brand of music is Eminem's Songs?
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Who was a major influence on eminems music?

If you listen to Eminem's songs you hear that his own life and personal battles inspire a good amount of his songs

Why is eminems music not suitable for children?

"i think eminems music is perfectly suitabl for children it should be allowed by everyone" This was someone else's answer. But this is wrong. Eminem's music is not suitable for children, because all of his songs have inappropriate language in them. (No disrespect intended to Eminem.) When children turn 14, then they should be allowed to listen to Eminem.

Can somebody tell you the name of one of eminems songs that in video ends with eminem and his crew confront bunch of guys in black and then eminems people arrive?

I Think You Could Be Talking About "Fight Music" ?? Hope We Helped.....XxX It is fight music from D-12 first CD Devil's Night

Did hailie jade ever listen to eminems songs?

probably at least some

Are eminems old songs true?

Yes they are true. He talk about some deep stuff

When will Eminems lighters music video come out?

Apperently Today August 18

Who is ''Ronny'' that Marshall Mathers refers to in some of his songs?

ronnie, is eminems uncle who committed suicide

How old was eminems daghter when they filmed I think my dads gone crazy music video?


Who is eminems song writer?

he writes all his own songs. sometimes he of course collaborates with other artist to write like all musicians do.

Is Megan Fox In Eminem's Music Video.?

Yes, it is indeed her along Dominic monoghan as the bf

What is Trevor Hall most known for?

Trevor Hall is best known for the songs he sings and the music he creates. One of his greatest songs is "Brand New Day" and you can find it everywhere (even on Youtube).

What are the names of eminems songs?

That's a long list, how about I add a link to his discography, where you'll find them all? See "Related Links" for the link ;-)