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Genjen Heels

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Q: What boots is Carly from iCarly wearing in iGet a Hot Room?
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What happen with the goat on iCarly in iGet A Hot Room?

Your question was: What did the goat do to Carly in iGet A Hot Room? Who ever wrote this was being a show off like yeah right so do you work on icarly!! Well here is the answer: When Carly said "Don't talk about what the goat did," I asked Miranda Cosgrove in person, and she said "In iCarly, the goat peed on Carly's leg." So there you go! It peed on her leg! No one really knows what the the goat did

On iCarly where does Carly sleep?

She has a bedroom near the iCarly studio that you never see. Except the burnt version in the episode where her room burns down and you see her new bedroom is a few episodes after that.

What did the goat do to Carly on her birthday in Season 3 of iCarly that was revealed in the Season 4 episode titled iGot a Hot Room?

No one really knows! Make a discussion about it!

How do you get Carly's room?

From iCarly? Well, if you've got a well paid job like a model in a big city, lawyer, (etc) you will be able to pay for it. Unfortunatly, it is quite expensive.

Where does Nick get the furniture for Carly Shay's room in iCarly?

Nickelodeon gets the furniture from very special places. But you can also buy them at places like amazon because they copied them from the show.

What are all the rooms in Carlys apartment in iCarly?

the answer to that is the labratory the kitchen the living room spencers room the backroom near the kitchen carlys room icarly studio the backroom in the icarly studio the bathoom and freddies apartment.

Who kisses on iCarly ikiss?

I already watched the iCarly iKiss episode and people have been saying that Carly and Gibby kiss..but that's not true.This is what happens. On one of the iCarly web casts Sam and Carly show a video they made up called Kelly Cooper Terrible Movie and they make Carly play as Kelly and Gibby is Chad and they kiss on the video, but it's not real. [The rest is not about Kelly Cooper] ..And Sam and Carly go to see a teen movie called The First Kiss..So in Carly's apt. they all start talking about that movie asking each other who their first kiss was..and Carly and Sam told who their's was[well, actually Sam's was a lie] and when Sam left the room Carly asked Freddie who his was, and he told her he never had a REAL kiss and Sam overheard him tell Carly that. And on the next iCarly web cast Sam tells everyone that and everyone at school starts making fun of him. So the next web cast Sam apologizes and tells everyone she hasn't either. Later, she goes to see Freddie and tell him sorry. And in the end..they kiss.

What is the newest iCarly episode?

iGot a Hot Room

What is iCarly ispace out about?

Carly and Sam are doing a segment for iCarly called Dancing With Cameron, in which they have fans come on the monitor and dance with Cameron. One of the fans is a billionaire, who offers them to do iCarly from space. When they get to the test area, they find out they are having a contest with another webshow, Exercise Rocks, to go to space. They pass all the tests except the last one. For the last test they are in a confined room for 36 hours. They loose because Carly freaks out and breaks a window. Meanwhile, a little girl decides to have a day in Spencer's apartment and makes him go crazy.

What color is icarly's i got a hot room?

The walls are purple.

Is the icarly living room set the same living room set that was used on friends?

No they are two different sets

How will you know if you won the icarly sweepstakes for my new hot room?

they will give you a package

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