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Only he knows.

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Q: What blood type does Chris Brown have?
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Where can you find Chris Brown interview?

You can go on and either type in chris brown or interviews of chris brown

Is Chris Brown crip or blood?

ckhris brown dont bang hez BLOODS!

Can you get chris brlown's lyrics'?

its chris brown #1. #2 yes, just type in chris brown lyrics. easy.

Was Chris Brown a women?

No what type of mess is that!!!!!

Do you have any pictures of Chris Brown's house?

Go to Type it under Chris Brown's house. It is HUGE!!!!

Do you have a picture of Chris Brown sister?

No, but if you go on youtube and type in Chris Brown and his sister and click the first one. "Chris Brown and his sister Making of Gimme That" that's his sister

Does Chris Brown loves his family?

yes. Chris Brown luvz his family! go on google and type in "chris brown pics" and you can see sum wit hiz family!!!

What are the violin notes to Chris Brown's Deuces or where can i find them?

To find Chris brown lyrics on deuces go to you tube and type I'n Chris brown deuces and put I'n lyrics

What type of music did Chris Brown start with?

hi this is chris browns cuzin.he started with rap

What type of music does Chris Brown write about?

depends on who is writing it for him.

What is chris Brown's favorite type of phone?

virgin mobile

Is Chris Brown bloodz? he singing the ONE BLOOD hook with game also i think he is, just cause you in a gang don't mean you gotta kill everybody and sell drugs, it means you part of a gang and that's it