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Tenergy 25

yasaka mark v

ply - butterfly tricarbon

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Q: What blade does timo boll use?
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Can the Tenergy 05 rubber be used by an under 1000 rated player on a Timo Boll Spirit?

The Tenergy is as a matter of fact designed for Timo Boll and his blade. Wait a couple more days and puchase the upcoming "Boll Spirit ZLC" though, that will be Boll's blade for the next 4 years until the London 2012 games. If you can't read spin or loop get a more controlled rubber. tenergy 05 is designed for the heaviest counterlooping possible. Half the world's best players use it, it is the spinniest which means it requires you to read spin just as much. Opinions vary what it is best suited for but the timo boll spirit blade is one of the most used blades in the world not just for tenergy players. I have used it for a year and half and I reached the top level of my club in that time not just because of a rubber - you must practise! See for yourself at

Who is the wife of timo boll?

Rodelia Jacobi

Who are the German athletes for the olympic games 2008?

timo boll is 1 of the most famous table tennis players for Germany timo boll is 1 of the most famous table tennis players for Germany

When was Timo Boldt born?

Timo Boll was born on April 8, 1981, in Erbach im Odenwald, Hesse, Germany.

Which rubber is used by ma long?

he uses the dhs hurricane 3 blue sponge-national vision for forehand and the tenergy 05-fx on backhand his blade would be timo boll spirt, alc or pg7 or even the dhs ma long2 blade which is desighned for him...

What is the difference between the timo boll bat 900a and the 900f?

A - anatomic handle F - flared handle

Who are the four athletes in ping pong?

Timo boll Ma Lin Vladimir Samsonov Werner Schluger Michael maze

What movie and television projects has Timo Boll been in?

Timo Boll has: Played himself in "Sportschau" in 1961. Played himself in "Die Johannes B. Kerner Show" in 1998. Played himself in "TV total" in 1999. Played himself in "Unsere Besten" in 2003. Played himself in "Die Chinesen Europas" in 2012.

Who won the Bronze Medal in Men's Team for Table tennis at the London 2012 Olympics?

Germany (GER) Timo Boll Dimitrij Ovtcharov Bastian Steger

What actors and actresses appeared in Die Chinesen Europas - 2012?

The cast of Die Chinesen Europas - 2012 includes: Patrick Baum as himself Timo Boll as himself Dimitrij Ovtcharov as himself Bastian Steger as himself

What is the birth name of Helen Boll?

Helen Boll's birth name is Helen Mary Boll.

What has the author Timo Byckling written?

Timo Byckling has written: 'Nuoriso ja tupakointi' -- subject(s): Tobacco use, Youth