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Percy Sledge was famous for that, but there were and are others.

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Q: What black male artist has gap in teeth?
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Are there strips to fix a gap between my two front teeth?

They're called Teeth Gap Bands.You can get Teeth Gap Bands. It closed my gap in 3 weeks.

What are teeth gap bands?

Teeth gap bands are bands for teeth for fixing teeth problem such as teeth gaps in front teeth.

What is orthofill?

Orthofill is the best solution to fix teeth gap. Orthofill Teeth Gap Bands has been developed by dentists as a professional way to close teeth gap.

How do you cure a diastema?

Diastema (aka "Teeth Gap") is a very common issue. While some find a gap between their teeth attractive, many would prefer to close their teeth gap. Although it's typically not referred to as a "Cure", their are many solutions for teeth gaps either temporarily or permanently. Teeth Gap can be fixed with orthodontic braces, Invisalign, veneers, or teeth gap bands. While all of these options are effective, the first few listed can be extremely costly and take years to fully close a teeth gap. A popular choice found online for closing teeth gap permanently (otherwise "Curing" diastema) is orthodontic teeth gap bands. If you are looking for a cheap alternative for closing a gap between your teeth, you should consider looking into teeth bands. These tiny rubber bands are sold by several companies online.

Does dentabands close teeth gap?

Yes, Dentabands help you close your teeth gap. These are non elastic bands that pulls your teeth together over a period of time.

What is the gap between teeth of a herbivore called?

The gap between teeth in a herbivore is called a diastema. It helps in the grinding and chewing of plant material.

What site is the teeth gap band?

The teeth gap band is produced by Orthofill. They are a subsidiary of Usmile Dental Products. Their site can be found at

Can I have braces if my tooth had a gap between your teeth?

Yes, or a retainer to straighten your teeth out.

Will your gap come back after you finish using teeth gap?

no not unless you do something to open the gap back up

Who sings the song 'Peace Love and Gap' in the newest Gap commercial?

The artist Common sings the Peace, Love and Gap song in the Gap commercial.

How do you fix a gap in your teeth without going to the dentist?

You can use teeth effect bands to close your gap. Teeth Gap uses special Compressor bands called Teeth Effects to draw your teeth together. They provide "the pull" necessary to move the teeth quickly, and in the right direction. You stretch the teeth effect band when you put it around your teeth. Since the band is stretched out it pulls the teeth towards one another because it wants to contract.

Are the results of using teeth gap bands permanent?

it bring the teeth closer together