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The Best Group Award!

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Q: What bet award did mindless behavior win?
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Who won the bet award for the viewers choice award song?

people are saying that Rihanna won the award, But Chris Brown actually won the award for look at me now. Personally I wanted Mindless Behavior to win

Did mindless behavior win any Grammy Awards?

No but u can make it happened by voting for them in the bet awards

How do you get the mindless behavior?

The way you can meet mindless behavior is win a contest.

How can you video chat with Mindless Behavior?

If you win the skype Skype with mindless behavior sweepstakes

How do you win a mindless behavior contest?

you dont

How do you win mindless behavior tickets?


How do you get mindless behavior tickets from ticket master?

Go. To www.gci to win mindless behavior tickets and put what they Like

Did somebody win the trip with Mindless Behavior?


Can you win Mindless Behavior tickets?

yes in different competitions

Can Mindless Behavior talk to you for free?

i say no but you win a contest and then maybe you could

How can you get mindless behavior backstage passes?

By entering a contest to see if u win

How can you book mindless behavior for a party?

you enter the contest so you can win the raffel