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concerts were unusually long by today's standards (apex)
Concerts were unusually long by today's standards.

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In Greek culture music was an important part of the education of every Greek citizen In the Roman culture music was

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Q: What best describes musical life during the Classical Era?
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short musical idea

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Western art music is the term that best describes the music of the Classical period.conjunct, diatonic, and singable

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During the classical period, Greek sculptures did what no one had done before by worshiping the human body through bronze and marble. The sculptures were both human-size and human-like.

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Which term best describes classical Greek depictions of the human form in sculpture?


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Often, people describe the Classical period of music as being heavily Romantic. However, the Romance period was after the Classical period. Classical is usually just referred to as Classical.

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Urbanization began in early river valley civilizations and expanded in classical civilizations. APEX

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the sun

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