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Palm Beach. Sydneys North Sure. They only do the outside shots there. I have been there. Its an amazing beach

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Q: What beach is home and away filmed on?
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Where is home and away filmed?

It was filmed in Mexico

Which beach was the beach filmed on?

China Beach exteriors were filmed at Zuma.

Where was the beach scene in 'Sweet Home Alabama' filmed?

most of the beach scenes were filmed on Captiva Island, FL.

What is home and away?

Home and Away is an Australian soap which is filmed on Palm Beach and places around Australia. It was first produced on Channel 7 in 17th January 1988. It is shown on English television on Channel 5. You can also watch it on the channel 5 website.

Which beach is the opening titles to Living on the Edge filmed on?

The beach belonging to 'the warren' luxury mobile home site in Abersoch, wales.

What day is home and away filmed on went to see the cast?


Are the beach scenes filmed at Surfers Paradise in H20?

Some of the beach scenes for earlier series of H20 may have been filmed at Surfer's Paradise, but the most recent series have had the beach scenes filmed further south, at Miami Beach.

At what beach was beach blanket bingo filmed at?

Malibu California.!!!

Where was 'The Sterile Cuckoo' filmed?

Part of the film was filmed in Sylvan Beach, NY, in the little old church near the beach.

Where are Australian soap operas filmed?

The Australian TV show Home and Away is filmed in Sydney, New South Whales. It is the second-longest-running Australian drama. Home and Away was a soap opera created by Alan Bateman.

Where was china beach filmed?


Shirley Valentine was filmed using which mykonos hotel?

it was filmed using Manoulas beach hotel at Agios Ioannis Beach and at the beach bar which is now Hippie Fish