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Just went to the concert Saturday which rocked btw. Like a Storm and Staind are who are touring with Creed

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Q: What bands are touring with Creed?
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They have not yet announced the bands that are touring with them, but they have announced some of the dates on their website.

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When did Creed release the song One?

Creed released the song, "one" in 1997. The song is featured on the bands album, My Own Prison. One, was the bands most popular single from the album.

Who is creed touring with in 2009?

Staind is featured as a special guest for the San Antonio, TX show.

Are there any Christian bands that sound like Staind?

Yes, there are a few Christian bands that sound like Creed. Skillet, RED and Thousand Foot Krutch sound like Creed.

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bands like creed, hinder, nickelback, red. essentially mindless crap.

What are some examples of works produced by Christian music bands?

Some examples of works produced by Christian music bands include songs by Creed such as "One Last Breath" and "My Own Prison." You can purchase Creed music from digital distribution services such as iTunes.

When is the next Three Days Grace tour?

Three Days Grace is touring with several bands in the Uproar tour, as of 2011.