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The Residents.

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Q: What band wore the Eyeballs on their heads?
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Which band wore flower pots on their heads?


How did the pilgrims?

The men wore their heads bald and the women wore simple cotton dresses with an apron.

When was The Name of This Band Is Talking Heads created?

The Name of This Band Is Talking Heads was created on 1977-11-17.

What is something knights wore on their heads?

its Obviously a HELMET

What band has the word heads as a second word in their name?

talking heads

Why do metal heads bang their heads?

to show how much the band rocks.

Did the men sometimes shaved their heads and wore wigs?

no they didnt

Are the guitar players in the band red twins?

according to my eyeballs when i saw them in concert, yes. and according to allknowingwikipedia, yes.

What kind of clothing did the Coastal Miwok wear?

They wore deer heads and for women they wore dresses from trees and soft skin.

What are the mens hair styles?

They wore curls on the side of their heads with a cap.

What did the the Ancient Greek athletes wear on their heads after winning?

this is what they wore after they had won

Did brother sprouse shave their heads for the episode the suite life on deck 3x1?

No,they both wore bald caps on there heads.