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it is top secret.

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Q: What band or solo artist had their album or single on the charts the longest?
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Who was the oldest artist ever to hit number one on the album charts?

Tony Bennett

What was the first british band to simultneously top the album and single charts with their deut album?

Spandau Ballet

What female artist has the most recordings on a single album?


What was Adele's first single?

Adele's debut single was Chasing Pavements from the album 19, which reached #2 in the charts.

Which British group holds the record for the album to remain in the US Billboard charts for the longest time?

Pink Floyde

Who is the first female music artist to have an album debut at 1?

Whitney Houston, with her 1987 album, Whitney, became the first female artist to have an album debut at number one on the Billboard charts. The album produced six singles.

What is Taylor swifts longest hit single?

love story in fearless album

What is top of the single and album charts?

15/10/2011 Top of the singles chart is Rihanna-we found love (feat. Calvin Harris) Top of the album charts is James Morrison-the awakening Do you like my fishy?? <*)))>{ Sophie ;-)

The album new day by the group airwaves in 1978 does anyone know in what month the 7 single you are the new day was released and what position it reached in charts?

The single did not make the Top 75 of the UK Singles Charts

What song from Billy Ray Cyrus's second album 'It Won't Be the Last' topped the Billboard Charts?

The highest charting single from Billy Ray Cyrus's second album 'It Won't Be the Last' topped the Billboard Charts in the number three (3) position. The name of that single was, "In The Heart of a Woman".

Which album by Moby has the song Porcelain on it?

Porcelain is a song by techno artist Moby. It is the third track from his album Play, and the sixth single released from that album.

What was Lady Gaga debut single called?

The Fame, whic has been a No.1 success across the world in many album charts.