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Axel Steel doesn't exist, he is an original character from the Guitar Hero video game series, so he is not in a real band, except the ficticious one you create within the game...

the answer up above is some other persons answer which is completely stupid, of course axel steel is real, he is the lead singer of guns and roses and the only member of the band who is still alive, his real name isn't his real name of course but his real name is Bailey, William Bill, and his nick name was AXL Rose wich for the game they made it axel steel to make it sound better

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his favorite band is Thin Lizzy. he says that Guns n Roses biggest influence is lizzy

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Axl Rose is the vocalist and only original member remaining of Guns n Roses.

slash is also alive

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Q: What band does axel rose play for?
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What instrument did Axel Steel play in the band Guns and Roses?

Axel Rose is the lead singer of guns n roses. some ppl. may think he is the only guns n rose member alive but slash is still live and rocking out. Axel still is a guitarist. i cant say he is real i have no proof at all if he exists

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Axel rose and Tracii guns last names, even though slash replaced tracii

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Axel Rose was born William Bruce Rose Jr. on 6 February 1963. He is the lead singer of Guns N' Roses, and now is their only original member after the departure of other band members for solo projects.

Who sings for Guns n Roses?

Axel Rose.

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yes axl has ginger hair.

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