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Q: What artist did the lighthouse painting in something's got to give movie?
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What is the name of the movie where an artist starts painting a famous painting in court to prove that he can fake it?

Timothy goes to school....

Is Petria Mitchell the artist of the landscape painting featured in Twilight the movie?

I am the artist that the question is referring to , and i went specifically to see the film to answer this question for myself ... and I can say that this is not a painting of mine, though the style has similarities ! cheers !

What is the name of the artist and the painting of the landscape on the wall of the Cullen home in the movie Twilight?

It is very similar to Australian artist Alexander McKenzie, google images of his art work maybe.

Who is the artist of the painting of the man rowing a boat in the movie Goodwill Hunting?

Belowis a link to the painting. I have been looking for this for quite some time and there is quite a lot of wrong information about it. Gus Van Sant is indeed the artist, not Homer Winslow as is commonly reported.

What is the painting in the parlor of the movie Giant?

The painting is titled; "Venting Cattle on the Frisco System" By artist F.L. Van Ness. It currently hangs in the lobby of the Menger Hotel in San Antonio Tx.

What movie had a scene of a female artist flying over a canvas naked and painting and screaming?

Maude Lebowski (Julianne Moore) in Big Lebowski

In the movie Twilight who painted the landscape painting shown in the Cullen's house?

It is in Carlisle's room. The Italian artist is: Francesco Solimenca.

What is the Painting featured in the 2011 Jane Eyre film?

The painting featured in the 2011 film adaptation of "Jane Eyre" is "A portrait of a Lady on Fire" by French artist Héloïse. It symbolizes the themes of femininity, desire, and societal constraints explored in the movie.

When does the movie somethings got to give show Nuditity?

Come back when you can phrase a sentence correctly.

Where was Pete's Dragon filmed It's saying the lighthouse was built in Ca but also talks about Maine.?

The lighthouse was in fact built in California. It was just supposed to look like it was in Maine because the movie was set in Maine. The lighthouse doesn't exist anymore if you didn't know already. They tore it down when they finished filming the movie.

What is the last song in the movie Somethings got to Give with Diane Keaton?

learn how to fall - paul Simon

What is the opening song to the movie Somethings Got To Give?