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The city of Kent, Washington, named one of the best places to live, has a very action police department. The police jurisdiction is the entire town and the surrounding area.

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Q: What areas do the Kent police cover?
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When was Kent Police created?

Kent Police was created in 1857.

What has the author Kent W Colton written?

Kent W Colton has written: 'A national assessment of police command, control, and communications systems' -- subject(s): Police communication systems, Communication in police administration

What do people in England call states?

These areas are called Counties. Such as Kent County, or the County of Kent.

How many miles does it take to cover Kent?

Assuming you're in the UK, Kent is 1442 square miles.

Who is Bartlett il chief of police?

Kent Williams is the current chief.

To which areas does Kent Air Ambulance provide service?

Kent Air Ambulance provides a helicopter emergency medical service and air ambulance service to people in South East England and the surrounding areas.

How many miles from kent to shropshire?

Kent and Shropshire are both Counties and as such cover a huge area, the distance between the two large towns of Maidstone, Kent and Telford, Shropshire is 196.9 miles.

Armed police shooting in kent in 2010?

Ohio Guardsmen shot 4 students at Kent State on 04 May 1970, protesting Nixon's Cambodian invasion.

What is the motto of Kent College?

The motto of Kent Police is 'Protecting and serving the people of Kent'.

Where is a good place to live in East Sussex or Kent?

When in East Sussex, you can easily get a good house in Brighton and Hastings. You can also get good homes in Swale and Tonbridge areas of Kent.

Why is the protest at Kent State important?

Because that was one of the main areas from the Vietnam War protests.

What are the contact details for Mann Countrywide Estate Agents and Letting Agents?

Mann Countrywide Estate Agents and Letting Agents cover the areas in Sussex and Kent. They have 120 offices throughout the UK. The Southampton office is contactable by telephone on - 023 8124 7007.