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They can communicate to each other using there thoughts. They also stop aging and they can change into humans.

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Q: What are werewolves special abilities?
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What abilities do werewolves have in human form?

Werewolves are said to have heightened senses of smell and hearing while in human form.

Is there a special city for werewolves?


Do king cobras have special abilities?

yes they have many special abilities

In New Moon are the werewolves more powerful than the vampiers?

No, the werewolves have their own set of skills and seem to be of equal abilities in New Moon. They are the counter to the vampires for the series.

Are vampires scared of werewolves?

As both are fictional creatures it is the authors decision as to the abilities and fears of each.

What are Pandora's special abilities?

Pandora does not have any special abilities, she was a mortal created by the gods.

How do you get the special abilities?

You have something special as a human.

What is Bree special abilities?

She doesn't have a special ability

Are werewolves inmortal?

Yes, werewolves are supernatural creatures. They are legendary creatures that have abilities that aren't possible on Earth. They can transform, they have night vision, supernatural strength, etc.

What children of Poseidon's have special abilities?

All of the children of Poseidon Eventually get they're special abilities. You have to be claimed first though.

Does a chupacabra have any special abilities?


What is Jacob's ability as a wolf in twilight?

Jacob has the ability to shape-shift into a werewolf in the Twilight series. This ability is passed down through his Quileute heritage and is triggered by the presence of vampires in the area. As a werewolf, Jacob gains enhanced strength, speed, and senses, as well as accelerated healing abilities.