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Towel hooks are normally used for holding towels off the floor to keep them dry or clean. These are normally found in the bathroom often fixed to a door or wall.

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Q: What are towel hooks used for?
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Are bath towel hooks commonly used in most households?

Bath towel hooks are a common bathroom accessory and have a variety of styles for every household. Therefore bath towel hooks are used in most households.

Does walmart have a variety of bath towel hooks?

Walmart carries a varied supply of bath towel hooks. They have wooden shelves with towel hooks to metal towel bars and they range from $15.00 to $50.00.

Standard towel hook height?

The standard towel hook height is 60 inches. That is a height of five feet. However, when you are hanging your own towel hooks, it is a good idea to take into consideration the height of those who will be using the hooks.

What department stores carry gold bath towel hooks?

I found that there were a few really good specialty websites for gold towel hooks. The two I liked were and However a more common site to use would be nextag.

What is the standard height of a towel hook?

The standard height of a towel hook is usually forty-eight inches from the floor. In a child's bathroom towel hooks can be hung at thirty-six inches from the floor.

Where can you find hooks for gazebo curtains?

I used shower curtain hooks

What are the hooks in the back of a 1997 ford exporer used for?

They are used for the cargo net ( assuming you mean the hooks in the cargo area floor )

What is a bath towel?

A bath towel is a towel which is used for drying the body, especially after a person has come out of a bath or shower.

What type of towel should be used to dry a thermometer?

Paper or cloth towel

What materials are used for manufacturibg crane hooks?

Steel and carbon are the materials that are used for the manufacture of the crane hooks. The high carbon steel is usually used in most cases.

What are clothes hooks used for?

Clothes hooks can be used for most types of clothing, mostly however they are used for jackets as they can be quite sturdy and heavy and need a strong hook to hang on although lighter jackets and coats are also hung from hooks too.

What is hand towel?

hand towel is a piece of fabric or paper that used to wiping or drying

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