What are threshold and range?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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every shopping centre or service has its own threshold population. This is the minimum number of people who are in the market area to make the shop profitable.

A Porsche show room has a very large threshold population. This is because not many people in any area buy many cars.

A sweet shop has a small market area because people buy sweets and newspapers regularly, so the shop can make a profit with a fairly small threshold population.

The range of a shop is the distance people are prepared to travel to visit a shop.

Porsche buyers have a long range because people do not but Porsche's very often so they are prepared to travel a long distance. The sweet shop has a much smaller range as people will not travel a great distance to but a newspaper.

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Q: What are threshold and range?
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We can hear from 0 dB, that is the threshold of hearing up to 130 dB that is the threshold of pain.

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It varies from person to person. However - an accepted 'normal' hearing range is around 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. The same goes for pain threshold - anything over 120 dB would certainly be uncomfortable for most people.

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