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The Violin plays the song

And everybody has to sing along. :Clarinets:

The clarinet, the clarinet

He practiced but he doesn't know it yet. :Trumpets:

The trumpet is blaring,

Ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta. :


The horn, the horn

He sneers with scorn. :


The drum is neither sharp nor flat

He just goes rat-tat-tat-ta-da-dat-da-dat-da-dat. :

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Q: What are the words for the instrument song?
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first you have to come up with a catchy tune that wont get old fast. then find lyrics that fit with that tune. you cant just put in random words if you know how to play an instrument maybe include that in your song. if you do, find a key or a chord or whatever instrument your using is and make sure it fits with the song

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