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I will leave all those crazy atonal ones out.

Rach 3 is most difficult in its entirety.

Prok 2 has the most difficult sections, but its not as mentally and physically draining as Rach 3 if you play the whole thing.

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Q: What are the technically most difficult piano concertos?
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The favored solo instrument in the classical concerto was the?

The piano and the violin were the most popular solo instruments used in the concerto of classical period. The violin was one of the most popular for the baroque period, and the increase in popularity of the piano caused that this instrument replaced the former. See

What is the most famous of Rachmaninoff music?

Sergei Rachmaninoff may be most famous as a composer but also was a famous pianist and conductor in his day. He pretty much gave up conducting at the end of his life, and composed little as well in his later life. He never stopped playing the piano though! Rachmaninov is probably most well known in terms of compositions for his 4 piano concertos, 3 symphonies (especially 2), Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Preludes for Solo Piano (especially the G Minor, C Sharp Minor and B Flat Major ones) and his Symphonic Dances. He recorded all of his piano concertos and they all of the highest standard.

What is term for very softly in music?

"Piano" is the most common word for "softly." It is written in a musical composition with the letter "p." The word "pianissimo" means very softly, and it is written in a piece as "pp." [minor edit. Footnote in discussion.]

Who is the most powerful avenger?

Thor is technically because he is the only one who has powers and he is a demi-god

Notes to play any Miley Cyrus songs on the key bored?

to what song most of the time you can Google " _______________ by Miley Cyrus on piano." most of the time you will get great results.

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How many piano are in a orchestra?

A piano usually isn't one of the instruments included in the typical layout of a symphony orchestra. However, if a piano is used say, as a solo instrument (e.g. for a piano concerto), an upright grand would be the usual choice.

What is Sergei Prokofiev's most famous work?

Prokofiev composed many famous works including: Five piano concertos, two violin concertos, two violin sonatas, seven symphonies, two cello concertos, Love for Three Oranges opera, and the Romeo and Julliet ballet.

How many piano sonatas did Mozart write?

Only considering attested works, the number is 44 with the following distribution: piano (27), violin (5), horn (4), flute (1), bassoon (1), harp and flute (1), oboe (1), clarinet (1) for a total of 41 to which we can add 3 more: 1 sinfonian concertante for violin and viola 1 sinfonia concertante for oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon 1 flute concerto (arrangement of bassoon concerto)

Which is the most famous violin concerto of Tchaikovsky?

Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D Major (Op. 35) is one of his most famous works and arguably one of the most famous violin concertos of all time. It is considered among the most technically difficult of the great violin concertos. It was first played in 1881 in Vienna by Adolph Brodsky (with Hans Richter conducting). Critical reception at the time was mixed, but today it is a cornerstone piece of the violin repertoire.

What are the most famous piano concertos?

The "Big Three"Rachmaninov Piano Concerto #2Beethoven Piano Concerto #5Grieg Piano ConcertoHonorable MentionTchaikovsky Piano Concerto #1Beethoven Piano Concerto #4Chopin Piano Concerto #1The major beauties of the concertos for the piano, in my opinion, are the two Chopin concertos. Beethoven's concerto number 5 "emperor" is also very nice.Grieg's piano concerto in a minor is possibly the most famous piano concerto.All of Rachmaninoff's piano concertos are famous, especially number 2, third movement.Gershwin's piano concerto, although not very known, is one of the most "fun" piano concertos to play, since it has sort of a jazzy sound. Mendelssohn piano concerto in g minor is very very very very famous. My point is that possibly the most famous piano concertos are Grieg, Rachmaninoff, and maybe Mendelssohn.Another opinionI agree with the other answers, but I would argue that Beethoven's Emperor (Piano Concerto #5) is probably the most famous. Chopin's First Piano Concerto (Piano Concerto #1) is also very gorgeous. His second isn't as good as the first, but is also very nice. Mozart's Piano Concertos are also rather well liked. However, of all composers I think that Beethoven's have received the most praise. I've always thought that Chopin's deserved more than it got, but most favorites seem to be more romantic in style than Mozart's. That doesn't mean they were bad, but the piano's full performance potential wasn't met until later in its development. It was the center piece instrument of the romantic period and most of its more popular pieces came from this time. Other examples of favorite piano concertos of this time are Tchaikovsky's as well as Mendelssohn's. (see: Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Schuman, etc)******Another opinionMendelssohn the composer is very famous, however his G minor Piano Concerto is not at all famous. I am a professional pianist and I have never heard it. Ever!! Unless you mean Saint-Saens? His G minor Concerto was once very well known, though you don't hear it as much these days. (Similarly now gone out of fashion are Rubinstein's D minor and the Scherzo from Litolff's 4th Concerto, but at different times they were also popular.)Beethoven's Piano Concerto no.2 in B flat Minor does not exist, sorry.Also Brahms 1st Concerto is in D minor not C major.There is no Schubert Piano Concerto.Back in the real world, surely the most famous and recognisable concertos are Tchaikovsky no.1, Grieg, and Rachmaninoff 2. There are plenty more piano concertos though. Also often heard are Schumann, Liszt 1, Mozart D minor, Beethoven 5 as noted above, slow movement of Mozart no.21 (sometimes called "Elvira Madigan" after a film in which it was used). Beethoven has the most consistently popular concertos (out of a total of 5 - not including the piano version of his Violin Concerto, known as no.6). Rachmaninoff's No.3 is well-known by reputation though not so much for the music. The two Chopin Concertos are well known (also mentioned above), especially the slow movement of the F minor one. There are still more - why not find one to listen to?I would second the preceding entry. The most popular by far are the Tchaikovsky #1, the Rachmaninoff #2 and the Grieg A minor.

What type of instruments did peter tchaikovsky compose?


Whish is the most difficult piano song?

Death Waltz is the hardest piano song in the universe, written by John Stumps which is dead.

What are 5 songs written by Beethoven that he is famous for?

Unarguably, Beethoven is world famous because of his piano bagatelle, Fur Elise. Emperor concerto is the most popular work among his concertos. His famous symphonies are Choral and Pastoral.

Are sonatas the most important pieces Mozart had written?

Mozart's sonatas are actually among the least of his compositions. They are beautiful, but the concertos are more significant as piano music, and among his total output they are not among the most important works by any means.

Who was the most famous Italian composer of violin concertos?

Antonio Vivaldi

How difficult is Pour Le Piano?

The toccata is by far the most difficult. The prelude and sarabande would most likely translate to Masterwork Classics level ten or slightly above. The suite is much more difficult than suite Bargamasque.

What was Mozart's most famous pieces?

Mozart's Well Known Compositions* Eine Kleine Nachtmusik * The Marriage of Figaro* Don Giovanni* The Magic Flute* Symphonies 39, 40, 41* Piano concertos 17, 20, 21, 23, 27* Violin concertos 5, 6* Flute and Harp concerto* Clarinet Concerto K622* Horn concerto 4* Exsultate Jubilate* Hostias* Coronation* Requiem* Piano sonatas K310, K457* Chamber music K478, K526........and that's only for starters!