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'Loser' by Flashback Heart Attack

(Well how does it feel to be the down and out in the land of the living well how do you deal with all the scary people making all your decisions. It may be time to get back way back on your shoulders or are you down on the ground and feeling fine.)

'Catching Up' by Orange

(Ole, ole ole ole ole ole etc)

The internet has been decidedly unhelpful with regards to finding the first song. I hope this helps. I found the first song on the Generator Rex wiki after like hours.

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Thiago Santos Correi...

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1y ago
2023 e eu estou aqui procurando essa música e a outra. Ainda não achei. 🇧🇷
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Thiago Santos Correi...

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1y ago
Confirmei aqui. É esta a música que eu estava procurando. Obrigado!

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Q: What are the songs used in generator rex episode 12 it's called Rabble?
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