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Bob Dylan's - "Hurricane"

The Monkees' - "Pleasent Valley Sunday"

R.E.M.'s - "It's the End of the World (and I Feel Fine)"

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Q: What are the songs from the Family Guy episode McStroke?
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In which episode of Family Guy does Peter speak Italian?

S06|E08 McStroke

What family guy episode number is Mcstroke?

Season 6, Episode 8. (it's the eighth episode in the season)

What season of Family Guy was Will Smith's clean rap in?

Season 6, from the episode McStroke

In which Family Guy episode does Peter skate?

He ice skates in And the Wiener Is & roller skates in Hell Comes to Quahog

What season is McStroke on Family Guy?

The sixth season.

Which Family Guy episode shows Peter on tour and a guy says I have to go to the toilet for about half an hour because I eat so much meat?


What are the ratings and certificates for Family Guy - 1999 McStroke 6-8?

Family Guy - 1999 McStroke 6-8 is rated/received certificates of: Canada:13+ (Quebec)

What are the release dates for Family Guy - 1999 McStroke 6-8?

Family Guy - 1999 McStroke 6-8 was released on: USA: 13 January 2008 UK: 8 June 2008 Hungary: 11 June 2009

Which episode of Family Guy has the Baker?

Fjurg Van Der Ploeg has appeared in the DVD Version on McStroke & Ocean's Three and a Halfand the aired versions of Love Blactually & Tales of a Third Grade Nothing

Which songs appear in Episode 07 Season 08 of Family Guy?

None, that I recall.

What songs are played in family guy?

There are a lot of songs that have been featured in Family Guy, far too many to list them here. Do you have a specific season or episode?

What songs played in episode 9 season 6 of family guy?

A very good song indeed