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i know of 2



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Q: What are the secret kik emoticons?
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What does a kik in Thai mean?

Kik is a slang describing someone more than friend but not a boy or girlfriend (B-GF). The word Kik if use between couple it would mean his or her extra someone. Kik is less than a lover in the sense of period of relationship. Kik can be developed to a (B-GF) or to a secret lover.

How do you spell emoticons?


Are there baseball team emoticons?

There are probably emoticons out there for baseball. Many websites provide different emoticons, I would suggest Googling emoticons.

What secret emoticons can you use for chat on Gmail?

V.v.V. --- crab ~@~ ---- something :(|) ---- monkey :(:) ----- pig :* ------ kissy face >.< ------- squinty face [:|] ------ snowman

Are there any hidden Skype emoticons?

you can make your own emoticons

How do you make the kik symbol on kik?


How can you see emoticons on your LG Optimus?

emoticons of the mobile himselve, and they are really ugly :(

How do you do all the Emoticons on Gmail?

Gmail contains a lot of emoticons too. You can use them while writing mails to someone. The emoticons can be obtained by clicking on the smiley,

How do you use emoticons on gmail for Kindle Fire?

Emoticons can be used the same way in Kindle. They are graphical images which can be used. These emoticons contain plenty of images of faces.

Why wont your Gmail activate your penguin?

Gmail has various emoticons on it easily. You can add these emoticons while creating a mail. The smiley icon is the one that leads to these emoticons.

What is niall horans kik username?

He doesn't have a kik hun. x

What is Selena Gomez kik?

Selena Gomez's kik is SecretProject