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SeaWorld Orlando Beyond Shamu - 2007 TV was released on:

USA: 19 April 2007 (video premiere)

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Q: What are the release dates for SeaWorld Orlando Beyond Shamu - 2007 TV?
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Where is shamu found?

in Seaworld (Orlando, FL)

What is SeaWorld Orlando's motto?

SeaWorld San Antonio's motto is 'See the Shamu.'.

Does shamu have a family?

In Orlando Florida At SeaWorld Shamu Has A Baby Killer Whale! So Cute

Which sea world has the biggest shamu?

SeaWorld Orlando has the biggest Male Orca he is 23ft long and is 11,000lbs.

Where does shambhu live?

Shambhu? Try Shamu. They all live in Seaworld (The original Shamu is long dead, these are false prophets). Try in Orlando, San Diego, and San Antonio.

How many shamus have there been?

There has only been one Shamu in the SeaWorld history. The original Shamu died 7/9/71. Since then, there has been no new "Shamu." The three SeaWorld parks claim every whale there to be "Shamu" SeaWorld San Diego: Corky2 Kasatka Ulises Orkid Sumar Nakai Kalia SeaWorld Orlando: Katina Tillikum Kalina Kayla Taima Takara Trua Nalanie Malia SeaWorld San Antonio: Kyoquot Keet Unna Tuar Halyn Those are the names of all the orcas at the 3 SeaWorld parks :) I wish the original Shamu was still alive, but sadly she only survived 6 years in captivity. Corky 2 (my fav orca! lol!), located at SeaWorld San Diego, is the oldest orca in captivity alive. She is considered the "Shamu" to all three parks, because she acts like the original Shamu. "Shamu" is now just a stage name at the "Shamu" shows

What is the sweetest killer whale in the SeaWorld parks?

Sumar. He is in Seaworld San Diego.

Is shamu in Florida or California?

Shamu died in the 1970's. Shamu is the stage name for all orca shows in Seaworld

Is shamu at sea world san antino?

The original Shamu died on August 9, 1971. However the name "Shamu" is a trademark of SeaWorld and has been given to different orcas when performing in Shamu shows.And yes, there is a Shamy at the San Antonia SeaWorld

What is the best ride at sea world?

Depends on which SeaWorld. SeaWorld Orlando - Manta, Kraken, Shamu Express, Journey To Atlantis SeaWorld San Diego - Jouney To Atlantis, Manta, Shipwreck Rapids SeaWorld San Antonio - Great White, Steel Eel, Rio Loco, Shamu Express

Is there another Shamu?

There has only been one Shamu. She passed away at SeaWorld San Diego in 1971. "Shamu" is now a stage name used by all of SeaWorld's Orca's, they all have their own individual names, however.

Is a shamu a family of killer whales or a killer whale?

No, whales are mammals. Sharks are cold blooded. Killer whale belongs to oceanic dolphin family.