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Famous Jury Trials - 1949 The People vs- William Tait was released on:

USA: 1950

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Q: What are the release dates for Famous Jury Trials - 1949 The People vs- William Tait?
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What famous person judged the Salem witch trials?

William Stoughton was the chief magistrate over many of the trials.

What are the release dates for Famous Jury Trials - 1949?

Famous Jury Trials - 1949 was released on: USA: 12 October 1949

What is the duration of Famous Jury Trials?

The duration of Famous Jury Trials is 1800.0 seconds.

When did Famous Jury Trials end?

Famous Jury Trials ended on 1952-03-12.

When was Famous Jury Trials created?

Famous Jury Trials was created on 1949-10-12.

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There were witch trials in Boston, but the most famous was in Salem.

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