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Escursioni sulla catena del Monte Bianco - 1910 was released on:

USA: 19 October 1910

France: 25 November 1910

Germany: 26 November 1910

UK: 28 November 1910

Spain: 30 November 1910

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Q: What are the release dates for Escursioni sulla catena del Monte Bianco - 1910?
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The most famous mountain in Europe is Mont Blanc/Monte Bianco.

In what city is Italy's Monte Bianco?

Monte Bianco isn't in any city. It's the highest mountain in the European Alps. Its summit actually marks the border between France and Italy. So on one side is the Italian city of Courmayeur, in Italy's Aosta Valley. And on the other side is the French city of Chamonix, in France's Haute-Savoie 'departement' ['province'].The two most famous towns near Monte Bianco (also known as Mont Blanc) are Courmayeur, in Aosta Valley, Italy, and Chamonix, in Haute-Savoie, France

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Monte Bianco

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Claudio Castiglion has written: 'Binari ai piedi del Monte Bianco' -- subject- s -: History, Railroads

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