What are the rehab songs?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The rehab songs are both by Amy Winehouse and Rihanna. "they're trying to make me go to rehab, but I said no, no, no." -Amy Winehouse, Rehab "I gotta check into rehab, 'cause baby you're my disease." -Rihanna, Rehab Glad I could be of assistance, and I hope that answers your question!

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Q: What are the rehab songs?
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What song did Adam gontier write in rehab?

The song that Adam Gontier wrote in rehab was "Animal I Have Become." This song was created while he was still in the rock band Three Days Grace.

Did Demi Lovato write any songs while she was in rehab?

Skyscraper& Give Your Heart a Break

What are some country drinking songs?

Bartender Song (sittin at a Bar) By Rehab Ft. Hank Williams Junior

How did kesha deal with problems?

well she doesn't i mean do you hear her songs?!?!? she is a crazy person who needs to go to rehab

What are the Boston bruins' warm up songs?

Guns N' Rose: Welcome to the Jungle

What are some depressing songs?

Rehab- Rihanna Set the Fire to the Third Bar- Snow Patrol Breath- Sia Not So depressing, but anyway no one likes really depressing songs..

When did Adam gontier write never to late?

He wrote "Never Too Late", as well as many of their other songs off of One X while he was in rehab.

When does Tiger Woods get out of rehab?

He is out of rehab now.

What was usher in rehab for?

Usher was never in rehab...

What are some new songs in 2008?

so what sober damaged pon de replay rehab piece of me womanizer wow say ok hot n cold

Does Adam Gontier do drugs?

Yes, Adam Gontier does smoke. See the related link(s) for the source of the answer.

How do you make a bong at rehab?

You dont, your in rehab for a reason.