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SpongeBob's drastic change in art style (outlines are thicker, colors are more bold and simplistic instead of the complex and artistic visuals of before, characters and sets feel less odd and quirky, and computers are used much more over the hand-drawing style that had led the series through seasons 1-3) attributed to the show losing much of its oddball charm. Fans also feel the show lost some of its clever dialogue and situational comedy. Despite these changes to the SpongeBob SquarePants universe, many fans do enjoy the new season and some see this change as reflective of the quick work the SB team had to do when they were ordered to make new episodes (they were rushed). his voice is higher and his colors are too bright for old people

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There was no explanation forthcoming for the change, first noticed in November, 2007, and sporadically since then. The same voice actor, Tom Kenny (born July 13, 1962) has done the SpongeBob voice for the US cartoon series since 1999.

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SpongeBob was never 'changed' to a kids' show. Spongebob has always been a show that appeals to both children and adults. It was originally intended for audiences around 7-11, although now all age groups watch.

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SpongeBob show would never change we like the way it is why would somebody change the SpongeBob t.v shows that's dum.

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Q: What are the reasons behind the changes in SpongeBob that started in season 4?
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