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Bhagam Bhag - 2006 is rated/received certificates of:




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Q: What are the ratings and certificates for Bhagam Bhag - 2006?
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When was Bhagam Bhag created?

Bhagam Bhag was created on 2006-12-22.

What is the duration of Bhagam Bhag?

The duration of Bhagam Bhag is 2.57 hours.

Who directed the movie Bhagam Bhag?

The movie "Bhagam Bhag" was directed by Soman Priyadarshan Nair. Priyadarshan is an Indian director who has directed more than 80 films. He is also a producer and screenwriter.

What actors and actresses appeared in Bhagam Bhag - 1956?

The cast of Bhagam Bhag - 1956 includes: Mirajkar Salvi Parsuram Baburao as Advocate A.S.M. Naidu Vasantrao as Malik Shashikala as Shashi Smriti Biswas as Smriti Sachin Ghosh as Bannerjee Badri Prasad as Jwala Prasad Usha Shukla Ramayan Tiwari

What actors and actresses appeared in Bhagam Bhag - 2006?

The cast of Bhagam Bhag - 2006 includes: Govinda as Babla Asrani as Ravinder Taneja Farah Baig as Shocked theatre spectator Ashwani Chopra as Doctor Tanushree Dutta as Anjali Alexander Hathaway Bill Hodder as Singing Dancing Doctor Rebecca James as Dancer Manoj Joshi as Don Arbaaz Khan as Vikram Chauhan Joelle Koissi as Audience in the theater Akshay Kumar as Bunty Jackie Shroff as London Police Commissioner J.D. Mehra

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