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Drawing Days-Opening 1-SPLAY

Boys & Girls-Opening 2-LM.C

Dive to World-Opening 3-Cherry Blossom

88-Opening 4-LM.C

Last Cross-Opening 5- Masami Mitsuoka

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Q: What are the opening songs to Hitman Reborn?
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What is the opening theme song to katekyo hitman reborn episode 149?

The opening is Easy Go sung by Kato Kazuki

When will hitman reborn 173 come out?

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! episode 172 aired February 20, 2010.

Whwn channel do hitman reborn come on?

Well from where i come from, hitman reborn shows on ANIMAX

When hitman reborn 78 comes out?

Katekyo Hitman Reborn has already come out. It's on youtube, subbed.

What are the cheats on katekyo hitman reborn?

It's hard to answer this because we have no idea what game on Katekyo Hitman Reborn! you are talking about.

When was hitman the movie released when was hitman the game released?

Hitman reborn never had a movie

What episode does adult reborn appear on hitman reborn?

Episode 105

How many epsiode are in hitman reborn?

Now there is 162 episodes of hitman reborn. you can find them on the episodes come on Saturday every week

Will there be ketekyo hitman reborn ep205 in animatio If yes when?

Yes, there is likely to be Ketekyo Hitman reborn episode 205 in animation later this year.

Who is lambo in hitman reborn?

lambo is a 5 year old hitman from the Bovino family

In Hitman Reborn do you ever see adult Reborn?

Yes you do during the arcobaleno trials

Where can I download free raw Hitman Reborn episodes?

Try these sites: * * * (Usually SUBBED) * Or just search it online on google or yahoo. Hope that helps.